Michael’s Organic Raw Honey 1Lb

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1) Forage: What do our bees eat and drink?
there are no local farms using any pesticides withing 3 miles of our facility.  our bees are on 3.5 acres where there are many flowers, vegetables, trees, cactus and other natural flowers native to the region.

2) Where do we live and what they live in and on.
We are in Santa Clarita, they live in unpainted boxes.

3) What our beekeeper feeds our bees (if necessary)?
Organic Cane Sugar if needed

4) How the beekeeper treats them for parasites
Oxalic Acid (Organic Acid) if needed. treatment is rare

5) How the beekeeper processes the honey they produce
the honey is decapped with a knife, put into a centrifugal force 304 stainless steal extractor.  to remove any bits of wax the honey is strained out NEVER FILTERED.  The honey is left unfiltered and unheated raw in its natural state.

Product Description

Michael’s Organic Raw Honey

I enjoy being a father and raising my 6 year old with me, we are two peas in a pod.  My son and I enjoy spending lots of time together and sharing that time creatively.  In my normal life I am the CEO of an electric manufacturer, in my job title i am involved in many areas of the manufacturing process.  I oversee many poeple’s work and have to have a variety of talents to cope.  I love the design and implementation of an idea.  My son, Michael, had an interest in nature since he was young.  We have raised several gardens together and he is only 6.  He heard how bees help feed the world and how humanity needs these critters…….He also loves the sweet honey.  My job gives me a few free hours per day with my son, which we use to have fun and learn.  His interest became evident in bees, after all they make our garden bountiful!  We started Michael’s Organic Honey to give the world a taste of his dreams.  We are an organic farm we don’t farm with chemicals.  Our bees are raised on our 3.5 acre estate,  where the bees flourish on a apple flowers, citus flowers, herbal flowers, vegetable flowers, tropical flowers along with local blooms which include mustard, sage, oak, yucca, lavender, mint and many others.

Our honey is never filtered, never heated, you can see the pollen in our honey with ease.  It is non-GMO all local plants for miles are non GMO.  Our bees are raised in the local Santa Clarita mountains, in good old Southern California.  Our honey is always fresh, never frozen.  We raise our bees organically even during treatments or drought feeding we always use organic.  Our bees are well taken care of and they take good care of us 🙂

Here’s some other interesting facts about raw honey you can read up on just click below:

Skin Benefits

Allergies – Local Honey

Crystallizing Honey




Refractometer Readings from this harvest are as follows:

Brix Level 85.2
Moisture Level 13.1%

Honey crystallization is a natural occurring process, it is not a sign of it going bad, rather it is preserving all of its flavor from the flowers inside.  Terpenes from the flowers cannot escape while in crystalline honey.  Heating the jar will turn it back into flow-able honey.  To learn more click here WHY DOES HONEY CRYSTALLIZE 

Additional Information

Weight 16 oz
Honey Type

Amber, White

2 reviews for Michael’s Organic Raw Honey 1Lb

    Antonia Floyd
    April 10, 2021
    Honey tastes natural/unprocessed with a sweet buttery flavor. I'm very pleased with the flavor, texture, and lightning-fast delivery. (I ordered locally, but the item was shipped promptly after ordering.) Great service and product! I do wish the text on the website was easier to read. The light-bright colors are a challenge for me. Will definitely recommend this product to others.
    March 25, 2018
    Very tasty will buy again !

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