Michael’s Organic Raw Honey 1Lb


1) Forage: What do our bees eat and drink?
there are no local farms using any pesticides withing 3 miles of our facility.  our bees are on 3.5 acres where there are many flowers, vegetables, trees, cactus and other natural flowers native to the region.

2) Where do we live and what they live in and on.
We are in Santa Clarita, they live in unpainted boxes.

3) What our beekeeper feeds our bees (if necessary)?
Organic Cane Sugar if needed

4) How the beekeeper treats them for parasites
Oxalic Acid (Organic Acid) if needed. treatment is rare

5) How the beekeeper processes the honey they produce
the honey is decapped with a knife, put into a centrifugal force 304 stainless steal extractor.  to remove any bits of wax the honey is strained out NEVER FILTERED.  The honey is left unfiltered and unheated raw in its natural state.

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