Michael’s Organic Red Wine Vinegar (LIVE MOTHER)

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Enjoy the Health Benefits of a Live Mother of Vinegar


  • Non-Reactive Fermentation Vessel (glass canning jars work great)
  • Michael’s MOV (Mother of Vinegar)
  • Cheesecloth
  • Rubber Band


We recommend when making wine vinegar, to use 2 parts wine, 1 part starter vinegar (one with live, active cultures, aka the Michael’s MOV Mother of Vinegar), and 1 part filtered water (no distilled or no alkaline).  Allow these to ferment for several weeks, until the desired flavor is reached.  It is important to note that vinegar made from exceptionally strong or distilled beverages that contain an alcohol content of 12% or higher must be diluted with water in order to create a palatable vinegar.


It is advisable to strain the finished liquid to remove sediment and bits of the SCOBY that may have fallen from the mother. Strain the finished vinegar through several layers of cheesecloth, and into airtight bottles for storage in a cool dark cabinet or the refrigerator.

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Michael’s Organic Red Wine Vinegar (LIVE MOTHER)


Long viewed as a contaminant in beer and wine making, the acetobacter bacteria that create vinegar are in fact useful and agreeable organisms. Acetobacter live everywhere, all around us, on the skins of fruit, the feet of flies, in even the cleanest of kitchens.  They give kombucha its characteristic tang, and, while it is true that they do not make for good beer, wort inoculated with acetobacter will quickly turn into a fine malt vinegar.  Making your own vinegar is not only beneficial to your health, you are in complete control and knowledge of what went into your food. it has many historical medicinal benifits as well, and it taste better than any store bought vinegar you ever bought, no matter the cost!

For detailed instructions on how to use our Mother of Vinegar click here

and another article here How to make vinegar

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